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Bamboo floorboards Sydney

Choho Timber Flooring – The Premier Bamboo Flooring Installation Professionals in Sydney

Our purpose is to provide the best quality bamboo flooring in Sydney at very affordable prices.
Our premium quality bamboo flooring is the highest quality available, designed to look good and stand up to regular wear. A personalised style of service, from design to supply and installation, completes the Choho Timber bamboo flooring Bamboo experience.

Choho Bamboo floorboards in Sydney are nature’s truly renewable flooring choice. For a sustainable alternative to traditional hardwood flooring, make the choice friendly the environment by having bamboo flooring installed in your home, office, showroom or retail space. We are also proud to offer our customers good quality bamboo floor installation in Sydney. Contact us at 02-89719961 now!!!

About Choho Bamboo floorboards in Sydney

Choho is an Australia based flooring company specializing in bamboo flooring and delivering flooring services to all NSW suburbs and surrounding areas. Prized for rich colour, consistent grain, workability, high density and durability they are among the finest decorative floorboards available. Our business is built on client satisfaction and word of mouth and is structured as owner operated, ensuring attention to detail for a quality result.

Our focus is to provide a professional service for both residential and commercial projects throughout NSW. Our commitment is to deliver a quality ‘Classic Bamboo Floor’. Do you want to know more about Cleaning bamboo floorboards?