Bamboo Floorboards Sydney

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Bamboo Floorboards Sydney

Bamboo is a popular flooring option today for its aesthetic appeal combined with eco friendliness. At Choho Timber Flooring, we bring to you some of the best bamboo flooring options.

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There are myriad reasons that make bamboo floors so popular.

  • bamboo floarboards sydneyBamboo floors are really strong and tough
  • Our bamboo floors feature click lock systems that ensure flawless and perfect installation. No use of nail or glue. Just, simple and easy installation that will transform your space instantly without any fuss.
  • Minimal noise transference levels and moisture absorption rates make bamboo a clear winner.
  • With our service, you get pre-finished bamboo floors that bid goodbye to messy installations.
  • Bamboo floors are easy to clean and even maintain. You only need to wipe it with a mop or a cloth, and you’re done. They will last for years without demanding tough maintenance and cleaning regimen.
  • Bamboo is an eco friendly option. Bamboo trees mature in about 5 years, and once chopped, the tree matures again in 5 years, and the cycle continues. Compare this with 50+ years that it takes hardwood trees to mature. That makes bamboo highly sustainable and environment friendly flooring option.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 10 years of experience as bamboo flooring experts in Sydney
  • Friendly team of flooring experts who are ever happy to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision
  • Superior quality bamboo floors in all of Australia
  • High quality installation done by our expert installers
  • Competitive prices

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