Bamboo Flooring Parramatta

Bamboo flooring is a popular flooring solution all over the world. It is truly a global trend. Choho Timber Flooring is a trusted bamboo flooring Parramatta service with over 10 years of experience. We bring to you the widest range of bamboo flooring in a variety of shades and finishes.

High Janka Rating

Janka Hardness Test measures how hard and tough a wood is. The test helps assess a wood’s ability to withstand wearing and dents. The higher the rating is, the better is the flooring. Our bamboo flooring products rank high on the Janka ratings.

Our bamboo flooring is up to 73% tougher than Jarrah, one of the most popular timber flooring options.

25 Years Warranty

When you buy from our bamboo flooring Parramatta service, you get a 25 year warranty on domestic installations and 10 year warranty for commercial installations.

Highly Durable

There are a variety of bamboos available all over China. We use one of the best varieties to bring to you the toughest, the strongest and the most durable bamboo flooring. Our bamboos are harvested only when they attain complete maturity, when the fiber density is at its highest peak.

High Class Finish

As bamboo flooring Parramatta experts with years of experience, we understand that the durability of the finish is a critical aspect to consider when buying wood flooring. Our pre finished bamboo floors are coated with solvent free, water based, 10 coat high quality finish that will last for years on end, without any issues.

Eco Friendly

All our bamboo floors are manufactured from highly regenerative bamboo plants that mature in five to six years. Compare that with over 50 years that it takes hardwood to regenerate.

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Bamboo Flooring Parramatta

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