Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Looking for a special flooring option for your home? Choose bamboo flooring. Not only is it high on aesthetic appeal, bamboo flooring will help reduce your carbon footprint on the eco-system. Choho Timber Flooring is a leading bamboo flooring Sydney provider with a track record of installing high quality products in Sydney for over 10 years. Add a touch of class to your home with the stunning range of bamboo flooring from Choho Timber Flooring.

Why Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo flooring is a wonderful alternative to conventional flooring options including hardwood. Bamboo is as durable, as strong and as aesthetically appealing as hardwood, while also being eco friendly and highly affordable.

So why is bamboo flooring priced much lower than hardwood and other flooring options? The answer lies with the capability of bamboo to regenerate quickly.

  • Eco friendly
  • Renewable material
  • Unique pattern and fresh looks
  • Consistency of colours
  • Pre-finished coating ensures no mess in your home
  • Cleaning and maintaining is a breeze
  • Affordable

Why Choose Choho Timber Flooring?

  • Our bamboo flooring Sydney products are manufactured to the highest standards and perfect for Australian conditions
  • Established for 10 years in the business, we breathe bamboo flooring
  • Highest quality bamboo flooring products in Australia
  • Clients trust us for our high quality products, top notch service and perfect installation
  • 25 years warranty on all our bamboo flooring Sydney products
  • Sustainably harvested bamboo and manufactured to the highest standards with minimal impact on the environment

Contact Our Bamboo Flooring Sydney Experts

We are the leading bamboo flooring experts in Sydney, with a reputation for delivering high quality solutions. Homeowners trust us for reliable, durable and affordable bamboo flooring solutions.

For more information about our bamboo flooring products, or to schedule a consultation, call Choho Timber Flooring on 02 8971 9961 today.

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

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