Cheap Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Cheap Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Looking for beautiful, sustainable and affordable flooring in Sydney?

Choho Timber Flooring brings to you a wide range of highly attractive bamboo floors in a variety of colours. Visit our showroom to take a look at our entire collection of cheap bamboo flooring.

Durable, Sustainable and Attractive

cheap bamboo flooring sydneyBamboo floors offer everything you seek in wood flooring products. They are highly durable and highly sustainable. Bamboo takes just about 5 to 6 years to mature fully, and once taken out, the tree matures again in about 5 to 6 years, and the cycle keeps on.

Solid hardwood trees such as oak take about 50 years to mature. Not only is bamboo sustainable, it is eco friendly too helping you minimise your impact on the environment.

And when you buy from Choho Timber Flooring, you will find the widest range of attractive bamboo floors to choose from.

Choosing Bamboo Flooring

Not sure how to go about choosing the right bamboo flooring option? Our bamboo flooring experts are here to make it an easy task for you. We very well understand that making the right decision can become daunting.

We have made sure the process becomes easy and an enjoyable one for you. When you visit our store, we will show you around and help you look at all the options. Our flooring experts will explain the difference, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you can’t make it to our store, we have you covered. We will send one of our professional bamboo flooring experts to your doorstep who will show you the samples to help you make an informed decision.

All our bamboo floors are professionally installed by our expert installers.

Contact Choho Timber Flooring today for a flawless yet affordable bamboo flooring in your home.