Engineered Flooring Cost

Engineered flooring is an ideal solution when you are looking for high quality wood flooring at affordable prices. Choho Timber Flooring offers the biggest collection of engineered flooring.

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Engineered Flooring – Cost and Benefits

You derive a lot more benefits from engineered flooring for the money you pay. Engineered flooring is made of several layers. Therefore, engineered flooring cost depends on the quality of the layers. Let’s take a look at the composition of engineered flooring to understand its value better.

The uppermost layer is made of veneer, which is the one you see after installation. The quality of this layer plays a crucial role in determining engineered flooring cost.

Then, there are the inner layers, such as the core layer and the base layer. These layers offer the stability and durability. If your flooring is not durable or stable, it will soon create a lot of trouble for you.

When you buy from Choho Timber Flooring, you can be sure of buying engineered flooring of the highest quality. No matter the engineered flooring cost, you will receive the best quality.

Why Choose Choho Timber Flooring

  • Experience of over 10 years in engineered flooring
  • 25-years guarantee on all products for domestic installations
  • Top quality resources are used in the making of our products
  • We are committed to offering the best after care service to all our customers
  • Flawless installation by engineered flooring installation experts

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