Engineered Flooring For Sale

Wood is a fantastic material. When you want a wood floor, you need a natural resource. However, you don’t want warped and curved floors. Engineered floors from Choho Timber Flooring are an ideal solution.

Constructed from multiple layers, engineered floors ensure you don’t end up with warped floors after a few years. When you make use of solid wood floors, there are very high chances of wood expansion and contraction, which is not the case with engineered floors.

We have a wide range of engineered flooring for sale. Visit us today.

Exclusive Collection

When you‘re looking for engineered flooring that is out of the ordinary, check out our collection. We bring to you some unorthodox, unconventional and exotic range of engineered floors you will ever find across Australia.

What’s more, there is no minimum order quantity when you choose our engineered floors. Buy as much as you require. After all, our engineered flooring is for sale around the year.

Professional Installation

The installation process is crucial, which is why we have our own team of professional installers. We work with you to understand your requirements so we can offer you the best products and installation.

Our flooring experts will first assess your space for suitability. Based on the assessment, we will help you choose the best suited engineered flooring for sale. Our installation team will then go over the acoustic requirements during installation and fit out your floor to perfection.

High Quality Engineered Floors for Sale

With over 10 years of experience, we bring to you only the best engineered flooring products. We offer 25 years warranty on all residential installations. Customers have come to trust us for not just engineered flooring for sale, but products of top notch quality.

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