Laminate Flooring Parramatta

Laminate flooring is a great choice when you are looking for the luxurious effects of solid wood floors at affordable prices. Choho Timber Flooring is an experienced and reputed laminate flooring Parramatta Company established over 10 years ago.

We bring to you a wide range of laminate flooring products so you can choose a finish, texture and shade that best fits your needs. Visit our Sydney showroom today.

Maintain Easily

The number one benefit of our laminate flooring is that they are really easy to clean and maintain. You simply need to mop or wipe the floor and you are done. Moreover, laminate floors do not contract and expand unlike solid timber floors no matter rain or shine.

Durable and Strong

Our laminated flooring experts will inform, laminates are extremely strong and durable. They are scratch resistant and moisture resistant and do not splinter, warp or rot. No swelling, no deformation, no hassle whatsoever.


All laminate products from Choho Timber are offered at reasonable and competitive rates. This means a lot of savings for you and peace of mind for years.

Environment Friendly

Laminate floors help reduce your impact on the environment as they are sourced from sustainable resources. Compared to solid wood flooring, laminate floors have minimal impact.

Trusted Experts

We are the leading laminated flooring service provider in Parramatta and the surrounding area. We have created a reputation for delivering superior quality laminate products and high quality service. Our team of flooring experts would be happy to help you choose the right product so you can make an informed decision.

Visit our Sydney showroom to take a look at our wide range of laminated flooring products and options. For all your laminate flooring needs contact Choho Timber Flooring on 02 8971 9961.

Laminate Flooring Parramatta

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