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Polish floorboards bamboo Sydney

Here in Sydney the Polished bamboo flooring and installation of Choho Timber Company.

The choho bamboo floorboards concept is how to improve your home as a traditionally in civilization. The quality of our polish services in all types of wood. The polish Polished Bamboo Floorboardsbamboo floorboards produce thousands of bamboo in Sydney. We deliver and supplied high quality of bamboo in place of Sydney. We have advantages over other types of flooring. Bamboo polish floorboards are entirely maintenance free.

We use the highest quality of Choho timber flooring products Sydney wide, including:

  • Prefinished solid timber flooring
  • Timber Polish floorboards
  • Engineered Oak floorboards
  • Floorboards polishing Sydney
  • Hardwood timber Sydney
  • Floorboards installation
  • Cleaning bamboo floorboards
  • Bamboo floorboards Sydney

Choho bamboo is sold with a 25 years of warranty in accordance with the conditions below. Of course, all Care and Maintenance Guidelines should be followed at all times. Choho polish Bamboo a floorboard in Sydney is fit for use in internal environments / installations and should not be used externally. Furthermore, Choho bamboo should not be directly adhered to a subfloor and must be installed as a floating floor.

Polishing floorboards and floorboards polishing in Sydney

Choho is an Australia based flooring company specializing in bamboo flooring and delivering flooring services to all NSW suburbs and surrounds. Our focus is to provide a professional service for both residential and commercial projects throughout NSW. Our commitment is to deliver a quality ‘Bamboo floorboards. Our business built a customer’s satisfaction by polishing, we ensure every attention of details have a good result.

For more enquiries please contact our office at 02-89719961 or email at chohoau@gmail.com you can enjoy the economy of bamboo floorboards while having the modern beauty of wood furniture.

For sanding, cheap flooring, refinishing, polishing and timber flooring Choho Company is you’re needed. For installation in Sydney of bamboo floorboards and polishing floor just reach us by your calls.