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Timber floor polish

Hire our expert contractors to polish your timber floor and make it new, clean and without scratches.

We use the highest quality Choho timber flooring products Sydney wide, including Prefinished Solid Timber Flooring, Engineered hardwood flooring, European Oak Wide Plank Flooring and Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring.

Timber floor polish

Timber floor polish

Choho timber floor are sold with a 25 years of warranty in accordance with the conditions listed below. Choho Laminate is sold with a 15 years warranty in accordance with the conditions as well.

Timber floor polish an expected appearance of outdoor heavy sanding marks, flowering or frequent bubbles on the surface. Our company is fit for use in internal environments / installations and should not be used externally. Furthermore, Choho bamboo should not be directly adhered to a subfloor and must be installed as a floating floor.

Sydney’s leading Prefinished Hardwood Flooring supplier contact us on 0430458885 for a free quote or to make a booking for any CHOHO flooring job.

Our services Timber floor polish, Polish floorboards and Polish restoring floorboards in Sydney.

Timber floor polish contractors focus is to provide a professional service for both residential and commercial projects throughout NSW. Our commitment is to deliver a quality ‘Timber Floor’. Our business is an Australia based flooring company specializing in bamboo flooring and delivering flooring services to all NSW suburbs and surrounds. We have a wooden timber floor polish in city of Sydney. Our installation is fast and clean, and the floors can be walked on the same day. There is less variation between the colours you choose from our showroom and colour you have installed in your home. Our timber floor polish ensures the attention to detail for a quality result.

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